Monday, 15 April 2013

Under the thumb

I am rather new to the world of blogging and I am not sure about what its code of conduct is.
So I am going to make the rules up as I go.

Here goes:

1) I will ignore completely what is going on in the news, even if a major event has occurred. ( there is only one exception to this rule, which is the eminent threat of an asteroid crushing planet earth to smithereens. If that were to happen, I would reveal all the nitty gritty things about me because anyway, there would be no tomorrow.)

2) write at least 3 posts per week for a month.

3) I cannot think about anything else right now so I hereby present the COC's blog to the house.

As I said in my very first entry, I am an engraver. I can prove this. My body bears the mark of the trade. Don't believe me? Well, here is the proof! ( if you are easily upset turn away now as this is not a pretty sight.)

See? There is a big grove in the middle of my thumb where I hold the graver. Ouch! ( it does not hurt, but I like to pretend that it does.)

I also stand all day behind my vise. Yes, I am on my feet for hours. Scientists say standing rather than sitting will lengthen your life by 5.87 years. Hurray! 
Anyway, I bought a special mat that is especially made for us people who stand all day long. At first I was a bit sceptical. Now I am just in love with this mat. It is so comfortable, I am sure I could sleep standing like a horse on it all night.

So here is a picture of me behind the vise. Unfortunately, you cannot see my mat. And that is a shame.

    This picture was taken by a journalist who wrote an article about me a few years ago. Oh yes, I indeed was on sale on the shelves of WH SMITH. ( well, at least Fieldsports Magazine, which is the publication I appeared in, was.)

    And that concludes the second post of this blog. 


    PS: I had something else to add, but it has just escaped my mind. Wait, it's back! I would love it if you left a comment in the comment section. Comment away I say!


    1. Nice Blog Katia.

      I hope one day will will see your mat.

    2. yes Basil, my Mat is a bit camera shy, but I will do my best to take a picture.

    3. Hi,
      Indeed nice blog!

      I will coming here often

    4. I thought you said we would receive Free Cookies for visiting your blog ?