Friday, 12 April 2013


this is IT!

 This officially is the start of my blog. And yes, this is also officially the point where I wonder what I am supposed to do now. I don't mean in life. I mean in terms of bloggification.

Maybe I should simply introduce myself. So here it goes:

Name: Katia Filipovic

Gender: Lady

Occupation: Hand Engraver

Location: Top Secret

Other facts: no

( there are other facts. But as this is my first blog  attempt, I do not feel like revealing too much about me. I understand that I have to cultivate an air of mystery in order to make you a devoted follower of this blog. I promise that I shall reveal more soon. Like the fact that I hate emoticons.)

Why am I writing this blog? Well, I would like to write about something that is a real passion of mine: hand engraving.
You see, I am a hand engraver and I LOVE IT!!!!!! I love it so much, I had to capitalise it. I understand that bold letters are the equivalent of you shouting your words. Well, this is not a shout, this is a mighty  Manowar style amplification of my love for this wonderful art.

Sorry, my flow has just been interrupted by Durer's engraving: Knight Death and the Devil.
I have a photocopy of this in my workshop and I stare at it from time to time. You know when they say " you can discover something new in this picture every time you look at it". Well, this applies to this engraving. Look at it today. Then come back to it tomorrow. Then let me know if you were surprised by something unexpected. ( please don't be angry with me/sue me if it's not the case. Let's stay friends!)

I  feel like I have reached the end of this first chapter. We need to part ways. But fear not, I shall return very soon with more. More engraving. And more of me.

Signing off,


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