Tuesday, 24 April 2018

I've just remembered: I wrote a book! (sort of)

Well, when I say I've written a book...I wrote this diary of a young boy, a loooong time ago.

And guess what, I've just found the first micro story on my computer!

I guess you want to read it now. Amazingly, here it comes!

"Eldi's dairy:

June 1972: 

Today was a really bad day. Daniel and I had a race in the schoolyard . He pushed me and I broke my glasses. I chipped a tooth and Mrs Cooper, our teacher, gave me some plaster. I tried to mend my tooth with it,but the plaster does not stick to my tooth. 
I wonder what teeth are made of. Daniel says they are made of bones and that the skin on them is so thin, you can see through it. He says he has never  brushed his teeth,  he doesn't want to damage the skin on it. He reckons I'll probably lose mine very soon, as I have been brushing them for such a long time.

He calls me a loser. I don't mind."  

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