Saturday, 1 July 2017

Stop the page massacre, invest in an environmentally friendly hand engraved silver bookmark

Hello you!

Have you noticed a hole in your life? I know, you really missed my blog but it's back. Well, when I say it's back...I don't know for how long and I am not going to make empty promises. I have been on this planet long enough to know that they usually are well hollow. BUT: I am going to try my best at writing stuff on here on a more regular basis. I really am going to do that. Well, at least that is what I am thinking RIGHT NOW! ( I wrote the last sentence in bold characters just to show you how serious I am about this.)

I have a new project that has got something to do with engraving. I'm making bookmarks. Why, I hear you say? Why not, I answer back. Books are great and you really don't need to destroy those beautiful pages by earmarking them. I say: Stop the page massacre, invest in an environmentally friendly hand engraved silver bookmark. Just like this one.

Yes, I did this. And in this blog, I am going to document the making of another bookmark. It's a commission and I'll show you how I'll make it come to life.

Right, I'll get on with my life now and if you are happy to read my sentences, let me know by leaving a comment. A positive one. The negative one(s) will be taken down OR if they are witty enough, laminated and framed. Actually, scratch that, this would encourage bad behaviour on your part and I know that deep down, you are a good person and you love me. Thanks.


  1. YOU! Write a comment OR...something is going to happen. I warned you.

  2. wahou !!! super bonne idée ma p'tite Katia !!! je trouve ça génial , félicitations ;) je suis sur qu'il peut y avoir un marché :) je te souhaite un joli succès avec ce renouveau ;) oui, il faut continuer à avancer malgré les entraves que la vie ns mets sur le chemin ... on essaye de se skyper car ça fait bien trop longtemps !!! :( je pense fort à toi et te fais gros bisous <3

    1. Salut ma belle! Oui, cela fait un baille et en effet, il va falloir qu'on se skype très bientôt. Merci pour ton message et gros bisous.

  3. Je cherchais un graveur pour une connaissance et sur qui je tombe... celle qui m'avait peint ma veste moto il y a, pfffff, au moins 150 ans !
    Très sympa ce marque mage soit dit en passant.

  4. Ha ben nom di Djuuuuuu!! Incroyable! La veste avec le guerrier?? Cela fait au moins 150 ans en effet!! Comment va?